You Won’t Believe How This Wife Reacted to Her Husband’s Outrageous Request!

In many marriages, couples have disagreements that range from small to huge. The story we’re about to share is definitely one of the bigger ones.

Fighting with your partner is never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. Read on to find out what happened in this case.

Money is a common issue that many couples argue about, and it often becomes a major roadblock in relationships. This story revolves around financial disagreements as well.

A husband recently shared his frustration on Reddit. He has five children: two with his current wife, Stacey, and three from his previous marriage to his ex-wife, Hannah.

Stacey has always made it clear that the three children from his previous marriage are not her responsibility.


“Ever since Stacey and I got together, she made it clear that my three children with my ex, Hannah, are our responsibility, not hers,” the frustrated husband wrote. “This has worked well so far, but recently, it’s been hard on me.”

He explained that he pays child support for his three kids from his previous marriage. Stacey insisted he also pay the same amount for their two children together. Additionally, they split the household expenses.

While Stacey helps take care of his three kids from his previous marriage by picking them up from school, taking them to activities, and making sure they have everything they need, she doesn’t contribute financially to their upkeep. “Stacey has never had a problem looking after my kids with Hannah,” he added.


When Stacey pays for something for the kids, she sends her husband a Venmo request to get the money back.

“We recently went on a family vacation, and she insisted that I pay for half of our children’s costs and all of the costs for Hannah’s kids. I told her these expenses are hurting my finances, but she didn’t seem to care. She reminded me that my children are my responsibility,” the frustrated husband said.

Stacey also started a college fund for their children. When his ex-wife Hannah found out, she was upset and said he needed to start a fund for their three children too. When he talked to Stacey about it, she said she was fine with it, but he would have to put the same amount into the funds for their kids.


He was upset and asked Stacey to help more with household expenses. “I can’t afford to pay child support, household bills, and all these extra costs for my kids. Stacey makes more money than me and could easily spare some.”

This made Stacey very angry, and she left their home with their kids. People who heard about their story supported Stacey, saying she didn’t need to take care of his children from his previous marriage, but she did it anyway without any complaints.

People understood why Stacey reacted so strongly to his insensitivity. Some pointed out how much she did for him and his children, saying he should be grateful. Her response seemed justified.

“It sounds like Stacey works outside the home, takes care of your shared children, and also helps with childcare and chauffeuring for your children with your ex. Step up and be grateful,” one Reddit user commented.

Many users felt that if he wasn’t ready to emotionally and financially support all five of his children, he shouldn’t have had them. As a parent, he needed to treat all of them equally.

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