Mom’s Shocking Move: Kicks Out Daughter After Husband’s Jaw-Dropping Confession!

A user shared a story on Reddit that got a lot of reactions. People had different opinions about what the mother did and the story she told. Here’s what happened and why it caused such a stir…

On July 24, 2023, a 55-year-old mom posted a story that shocked many internet users. She used the username ‘Throwawayme4158’ to stay anonymous.

The mother explained that she has been married to her current husband for four years. He is the stepfather of her daughter.

Her daughter, who is 23 years old, was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) after her parents’ marriage broke down.



When the woman’s daughter told her she was being bullied at school, the mother did nothing about it. She believed that all children are innocent and that if she confronted the bullies, it would be seen as an adult harassing a child.

Her daughter never forgave her for this. The other kids called her daughter “trash” because she stopped taking care of herself due to depression. The mother’s only advice was for her daughter to shower and bought her new clothes.

Eventually, the bullies were suspended and expelled, which stopped the harassment. However, the daughter still couldn’t forgive her mother. She even mentioned that a volunteer at the school clinic said that if she were her daughter, she would have allowed her to fight back against the bullies.




The Reddit user felt that if she allowed her daughter to live with her while she graduated from college and looked for employment, it would help mend their relationship a little. She also thought finally seeing her mother in a healthy relationship would also affect her daughter positively.

However, it seemed her daughter was not getting along with her new husband. She mentioned how her daughter was introverted and prone to escapism and being on her own. So she would find it annoying when her step-father would sit and eat with her, when she wanted to eat alone.

Soon, the 55-year-old mother noticed how her husband seemed distant. And then the penny dropped when her daughter told her mother that she felt uncomfortable in her step-father’s presence and that “his eyes lingered for too long.”

In a heated confrontation, the husband finally revealed that he felt “attracted” to his step-daughter, and since she was in their home all the time, it felt like a “walking temptation.”




He also admitted that this was why he had been distant from his wife. The mother of the 23-year-old was upset by this revelation, but she made it clear that she didn’t blame her daughter for her husband’s feelings.

She needed time to think things over, so she couldn’t have both her husband and daughter at home. She gave her daughter some money to stay at a place called an extended hostel for a while. She also suggested her daughter use her college’s emergency financial and housing help. Her daughter didn’t like this and told her biological father everything that had happened.

Her ex-husband was also upset by what happened and said bad things about his ex-wife on social media because she had left her child. However, the mother said she knew her daughter could get emergency help because her ex-husband didn’t have a job and had a lot of debt.





The Reddit user explained that leaving the house with her daughter was not an option. She wanted to figure out first whether she wanted to save her marriage.

A lot of users reacted strongly to the post, saying the mother wrongly asked her daughter to leave when it should have been her husband who was asked to leave the home.

Another user called her a ‘terrible’ mother for failing to protect her daughter first from her bullies and then from her husband.

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