The new husband is asking his wife to give her family heirloom to his stepdaughter instead of her own daughter.

Imagine this: you have a special family necklace, something really important that gets passed down in your family. Usually, it goes to the oldest child when they turn 14. In this story, a woman has a daughter named Emily who is supposed to get this precious necklace next year when she turns 14.

Now, the woman got married to a guy named Joey two years ago. Both of them have daughters from before they got married. The woman shared on Reddit that she and Joey have been together for four years.

Here’s the twist: instead of sticking to the family tradition and giving the necklace to her own daughter, the new husband, Joey, wants her to give it to his daughter from a previous relationship. That’s where the problem starts, and the woman is seeking advice on what to do.





Imagine this: Joey knew about a special family tradition where a valuable necklace gets passed down, and the plan was for the woman’s daughter, Emily, to get it when she turns 14. But during a talk about Christmas gifts, Joey surprised everyone by suggesting that the necklace should go to his daughter, Sophia, instead. He said it would show that the woman accepts Sophia as her own.

The woman felt uneasy about this idea because Emily knew about the family tradition and was excited about getting the necklace. Even after explaining this, Joey stuck to his suggestion. He even accused the woman of playing favorites and said she could easily buy another necklace for Emily online.

The woman didn’t give in, though. She stood her ground, insisting that the special necklace was meant for Emily, no matter what Joey said. But instead of understanding, Joey got upset and stopped talking to the woman, except when the children were around. It caused a lot of tension in the family.




So, after Joey suggested that the special necklace should go to his daughter, Sophia, he went and told his mom and sister about it. They all accused the woman of playing favorites and agreed with Joey. This made things even more difficult for the woman.

Feeling the pressure in her marriage, the woman asked people on the internet (Reddit) what they thought about the situation. Surprisingly, most people on the internet supported her!

One person said, “You’re not picking one kid over another. Emily is your kid, and the necklace belongs to her. His daughter doesn’t automatically get it. I would have told him that his daughter can get a similar one from Amazon if it’s so important to him.”

Someone else suggested keeping the necklace safe, like in a bank, because once Emily has it, there might be problems. Another person agreed, saying it’s essential to explain to Emily why the necklace needs to be kept safe.

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