You Won’t Believe What This Stranger Did When a Veteran Couldn’t Pay for His Groceries!

This is especially true for those who serve in the military without asking for anything in return.

Unfortunately, many veterans struggle when they come back home. If they haven’t served long enough, the benefits they receive aren’t always enough to live on. Some don’t know where to turn once they leave the military.

Larry Robeson, a Vietnam veteran, knows this all too well. He could barely afford basic necessities and didn’t know where to get help.

One day, Larry’s luck changed. He met the Fox 5 Surprise Squad at a grocery store in Las Vegas. They were there to pay for people’s groceries.

Even though Larry was having a hard time financially, he still took his friend Stephanie, another disabled veteran, to the store. Stephanie told the Fox 5 reporter that she was buying food for herself and her dogs but was down to her last $50 and didn’t know what she would do after that.

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FOX5 Las Vegas

Dave Hall, the reporter leading the Surprise Squad, happily told Stephanie that they would pay for her groceries. Stephanie was thrilled by their generous offer.

Then Dave noticed Larry, who was quietly standing behind Stephanie. Larry, a friend of Stephanie’s husband, had started a group called Bones for Blankets many years ago. The group’s goal was to donate blankets to homeless veterans living on the streets after their service.

Larry started this group after three fellow veterans tragically froze to death. He wanted to make sure no more veterans would suffer like that.

He also explained that Stephanie’s husband, a truck driver, was often away. So, Larry helped Stephanie, who faced challenges because of her disability, by keeping her company and supporting her.

“No veteran should be going through what she’s going through,” Larry told the Surprise Squad.

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FOX5 Las Vegas

That could have been the end of it, but Dave Hall insisted that Larry wasn’t going to leave the store without the Surprise Squad paying for his groceries too.

Larry had only planned to buy dish soap and candy. But Dave told him, “You served us. It’s our turn to serve you now.”

So, Larry got to pick out whatever he wanted in the store. His total came to $278, and Larry was wiping away tears after Dave and the team paid for it.

“This is just overwhelming. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13,” Larry said.

You can watch Larry’s experience with the Surprise Squad below:

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