You Won’t Believe What Once Popular Grooming Tool is Now an Antique!

Moving into an old house can be thrilling because you might find hidden treasures. People have discovered all sorts of interesting things in walls, basements, attics, or under floorboards. In one 100-year-old home, someone found a unique antique item: a vintage marble razor blade sharpener that looks quite unusual.

At first glance, this relic resembles a toy called “Clackers,” popular in the 1960s and 70s. This has led to debates about its true origin. However, Clackers were made of string and plastic acrylic balls, whereas the antique sharpener features two glass marbles with a base made of wood or metal, and a steel rod.

So, what did this vintage razor blade sharpener do? Just like its name suggests, it was used in the 1930s to help sharpen razor blades. Not much is known about its history, but its detailed design shows the skill and craftsmanship of handmade items from that era. It’s a lovely reminder of things that were once common but are now rarely seen.


Throughout history, shaving has changed a lot. Razors started as clam shells and shark teeth, then evolved into heavy metal tools in handy kits, and now we have disposable razors with 4-5 blades and electric ones too. What used to be a sign of wealth is now something most people do regularly.

Historians think people started shaving around 4000 BCE, or maybe even earlier. There are cave paintings showing people shaving with shells and sharpened flint. Ancient Egyptians even had razors made of solid gold and copper buried with them in their tombs.

As shaving became more common, razors got more advanced. New designs added more blades to razors, making them safer and more precise.


Even though it may seem old-fashioned, the vintage marble razor blade sharpener is still a useful and classy tool to keep. It can sharpen knives and straight-edged razors even today. Unlike modern sharpeners that can get rough, the marble sharpener stays smooth and ensures a consistent sharpening from one end to the other. You just need to slide the blade between the two marbles a few times to keep knives and razors sharp.

Interestingly, this relic is popular among antique collectors and historians who admire well-made tools from the past. Despite not having much information about it, many people on Reddit have found these sharpeners in old boxes in their garages and asked what they are. They often get helpful and sometimes funny answers about this antique tool.

Image source: WorthPoint

“Here’s a story about this item! My grandpa used to sell these door-to-door when he was young during the Great Depression. They didn’t really work well, but he’d show how good they were by swapping in a new blade and asking for an old one. After making a sale, he’d leave quickly!” commented one person.

“It’s a Kenberry blade sharpener. This is the only picture I can find that shows that. They didn’t work great, so lots of people had them lying around and used them for different things,” said another.

However, someone else suggested a different use for the tool. “It’s not for sharpening razor blades. It’s a holder for a dish towel. It hangs on a cabinet handle and the towel slides in and out easily. This one belonged to my grandma. She sold them in her grocery store in the 1960s, next to the dish towels.”

Because the tool is so old, it’s hard to know exactly what it was originally used for. But either way, it’s a beautiful piece of handmade history that’s great for starting conversations.

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