You won’t believe what Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughters are up to now!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a famous couple in showbiz who have won over many hearts with their love story. They first met in 2005, even though Nicole was engaged to someone else secretly. Keith eventually won her heart, and just three months later, they got engaged. They got married in June 2006 in Sydney, Australia, in a beautiful ceremony.

Nicole and Keith have two daughters together, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Sunday Rose was born in Nashville on July 7, 2008, bringing them immense joy. Their second daughter, Faith Margaret, was born on December 28, 2010, and they kept her arrival a secret for a while. When they finally shared the news, they were overwhelmed with happiness and thanked everyone for their blessings.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban focus on giving their children a supportive and special upbringing. They’ve set clear rules, like no laptops or TVs in their daughters’ bedrooms, to help them learn and grow. Keith thinks Nicole is a great mom and loves how she raises their kids. He believes their daughters are lucky to have Nicole as their mom, and he enjoys being a parent with her.

Sunday and Faith, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughters, are following in their parents’ footsteps and making names for themselves. Sunday is interested in directing movies, and Faith, nicknamed “Fifi” by the family, has already started her career with a voice-over role in Angry Birds 2. Nicole understands the challenges of having children with similar ambitions but believes in encouraging their interests. She thinks it’s crucial to let kids explore what they love and help them find their paths with gentle guidance.

Even though Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have busy lives and homes in different countries, they make sure to spend lots of good time with their daughters. They sold their house in Nashville and now mostly stay on their family farm in Australia. Keith likes to bring his daughters with him when he performs, and sometimes they even join him on stage. This makes their time together special and brings happiness to their family and fans. It shows that the best moments come from being with the people you love.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are careful to keep their daughters’ lives private, but sometimes they share sweet moments with their fans. Nicole recently posted a picture on Instagram for Faith Margaret’s 9th birthday, showing her when she was a baby and expressing how much she loves her. These glimpses into their family show how much they care about creating a loving home for their daughters. Nicole and Keith are not only role models in their jobs but also for how they dedicate themselves to their family.

If you are a fan of the Kidman-Urban clan, take a moment to celebrate the journey of their talented daughters and the love that binds this extraordinary family together. Share their beautiful story of success, love, and family with others. Let us cherish the remarkable achievements and the love that flows through the Kidman-Urban family.

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