You Won’t Believe How This Tattooed Dad Transformed Himself for His Daughter!

Many of us have done things we wish we hadn’t, but Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble from Australia has visible regrets unlike most. He’s known for covering his body with over 200 tattoos.

These days, tattoos are popular for expressing oneself, with intricate designs being trendy. But Ethan took it further than most people would consider. He started at just 11 years old with ear stretching and has since had many extreme procedures, like splitting his tongue and removing his belly button.

Ethan’s tattoos get the most attention because they cover his entire body. He’s spent about $60,000 AUD (around $39,000 USD) on them.

Recently, Ethan has admitted feeling some regret about his choices.

Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble recently opened up about his feelings towards his tattoos in an interview with LadBibleTV’s No Filter series.

“I guess you could say I regret some tattoos,” Ethan said. “Not just regret, I think there’s a difference between regret and wanting to be perceived differently.”

He expressed concerns about being judged, especially during everyday activities like taking his young daughter to school. “The face is a big thing that can cause problems for some people, which I wouldn’t want my daughter to face until she’s older,” Ethan explained. “I wish I hadn’t put so many tattoos on my face.”

To change his appearance, Ethan has started painful laser surgery to remove some of the tattoos he got when he was younger. He hopes this will help improve how others see him.

He explained: “I’ve been getting laser [surgery], or have been, for pretty much 12 months… We do it in sections, but I’ve probably gone over the full thing six or seven times.

“I started getting it done because of the anxiety and stuff I was getting… Mental stuff is a funny thing to pin down, but I want to think that a lot of the anxiety was from just having a face full of tattoos.

“I’m happy with the way that I look, but I’m also happy with the mentality that over the next two years, my face tattoos are going to become less and less and less. I’m just clearing the canvas.”

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