You Won’t Believe How These Newborn Twins Refuse to Let Go!

Having a twin is amazing. It means having someone who is always by your side from the very beginning of life. This creates a bond that lasts forever.

A wonderful video shows just how strong this bond can be, even before birth. In the video, two newborn twin boys won’t stop cuddling together, just like they did when they were in the womb!



In a video that has been watched nearly 50 million times on YouTube, two babies, who are less than two months old, are getting a bath. Even while being bathed, they keep holding onto each other, wrapping their tiny arms and legs around one another.

The twins are getting a special baby bath created by Sonia Rochel, a maternity nurse and grandmother from Paris, France.

This special bath is made for babies younger than two months old because it mimics the feeling of being in the womb.

This could be why the twins are so cuddly with each other—they want to stay close, just like they were before they were born.

Watch the video below:

What an incredible video! It shows the real loving bond between two twin siblings right from birth.

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