This Mom’s Mission to Prove Her Daughter’s Beauty Will Melt Your Heart!

Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way.

One of the most amazing things about being human is that no two people are exactly alike. As time goes on, we are getting much better at accepting and celebrating these differences.

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Nicole Lucas Hall is a mother raising two wonderful kids, Asher and Winry. She has a special mission to show that our imperfections make us perfect and wants everyone to know her baby daughter, born with a rare birthmark, is beautiful just the way she is.

According to Good Morning America, baby Winry was born with a rare birthmark called congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN). Because of this, 13-month-old Winry has a birthmark that covers a fourth of her face, making her look different from other children.

Nicole, a teacher, was very worried and surprised when the nurses gave her baby, Winry, to her after she was born in February 2021.

Nicole had a normal pregnancy and didn’t expect her daughter to have a skin condition.

“I was lucky to have a pretty average pregnancy! I had morning sickness from about weeks 8-14, but once that stopped, I felt great until the tiredness hit in the last month,” she writes on her blog.

According to Nicole, it was probably the doctors and nurses who first spotted the CMN. But nothing came out of their mouths besides cheering and congratulations for such a fast and smooth delivery.¨

They also assured Nicole that all of Winry’s vitals looked good.

After Nicole had nursed her newborn daughter for a while, she started to look at Winry. First, the confused mother thought the big mark on Winrys head was just a bruise.

“It quickly became clear to my husband and me that it wasn’t a bruise. It looked a lot like a mole,” Nicole says.

On her blog, Nicole describes her feelings:

“After the excitement of labor passed, I mainly felt worried. I knew it looked like a mole, but I had never seen anything like it before and was concerned it might be harmful to her. The nurses hadn’t mentioned it yet, and I didn’t know what to ask, so I just held her tight and loved her.”

A report by the National Organization for Rare Diseases states that CMN can take the form of light brown or black patches, and can reach almost any size on any part of the body.

Nicole and her partner now want to highlight their daughter’s uniqueness, in a bid to encourage others that being slightly different isn’t something to be ashamed of, but rather proud of.

“A lot of people have never seen a birthmark like Winry’s, and that’s why I like sharing our story,” Hall said.

“It’s a good way for parents to talk with their kids about differences. It’s also helpful for parents who have a child with a birthmark like Winry’s to see their child represented.”

Because Winry’s birthmark could increase her risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer), her parents take extra steps to protect her skin. However, Nicole is more concerned about the possibility of her daughter being bullied as she grows up.

“Her health and happiness are our top priority. We make sure she wears sunscreen and hats,” Hall explained to Good Morning America. “Regular dermatology appointments will be very important for us as she grows up.”

“She’s always full of joy. She laughs or squeals almost all the time,” Hall said. “She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.

“She’s already a big talker. She doesn’t have many words yet, but she’s expressive and a bit sassy already, so I think we’ll have our hands full.”

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