They Fostered a Boy Everyone Rejected – What They Discovered Will Shock You!

There are about 424,000 kids in foster care across the country. In Tennessee alone, almost 8,000 kids are waiting to go back to their families or find new ones. Unfortunately, there are less than 4,000 foster families in the state, so many kids don’t have the loving homes they need.

One of those kids was Andrew, a 12-year-old boy from Nashville. Andrew had spent half his life moving from one family to another. But everything changed when he met the Gill family.

Kevin and Dominique Gill already had a son named Joc. Joc and Andrew quickly became best friends. They played games, went for walks, and had a lot of fun together. Seeing how close the boys were, Kevin and Dominique decided to adopt Andrew, making him a permanent part of their family.

Andrew didn’t know his life was about to change forever. One day, while walking in the park with Molly Parker, who works at Youth Villages, he got the surprise of his life. Molly told him that his foster parents were adopting him. Overjoyed, Andrew quickly agreed.

Now, Andrew and Joc are not just best friends; they are brothers. This heartwarming story shows the power of love and how important it is for every child to find a forever family.

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