The Shocking Reason Kate Middleton Snubbed Lilibet’s Birthday Party!

Princess Lilibet doesn’t know much about her parents’ past. Born in the US after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Montecito, California, her life has been very different from her father’s. Lilibet celebrated her first birthday in the UK, which led to a lot of gossip.

Her royal aunt and uncle, Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with her cousins, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, did not attend her birthday party. The late Queen Elizabeth was there, but she reportedly refused to take a picture with Lilibet.

People quickly noticed that William and Kate were not at Lilibet’s birthday party. Despite the strained relationship between the Waleses and Sussexes, one of Meghan’s friends publicly mocked Kate, refusing to believe this was the reason for their absence.

On June 4, 2021, Harry and Meghan shared the happy news that their daughter, Lilibet, was born. She is their second child after their son, Archie, was born in 2019.

A spokesperson for the couple said, “It is with great joy that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, welcome their daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, to the world.”

The Royal Family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, congratulated Harry and Meghan on Lilibet’s birth. However, the relationship between the two families has since grown colder.

Lilibet was born in the US after her parents had left the Royal Family, allowing her to grow up away from the paparazzi that followed Harry and Meghan. This gave Lilibet a calmer, more private start in life.

Since the Sussexes live in the US, it took some time for Lilibet’s UK family to meet her. Finally, during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration in 2022, Lilibet met her great-grandmother. On June 4, 2022, Lilibet celebrated her first birthday at Frogmore Cottage, their UK home at the time.


Meghan and Harry hosted a backyard picnic for their daughter Lilibet’s birthday at Frogmore Cottage. Their friend, Misan Harriman, shared a lovely photo of Lilibet celebrating her big day. This picture is one of the few the public has seen of her.

This picnic was special because it was the first time Lilibet met her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and her grandfather, then-Prince Charles. Even though this was an important family moment, no photos were made public. According to The Sun, Queen Elizabeth did not allow Harry and Meghan to have a photographer present during the introduction.

An insider told The Sun, “Harry and Meghan wanted their photographer to capture the moment Lilibet met the Queen, but they were told no chance. It was a private family meeting.”

Royal expert Camilla Tominey mentioned that the Queen didn’t want to take a photo because she had a bloodshot eye and did not want such a photo to be made public. Tominey also said that Harry hoped to get a picture of Lilibet and the Queen sometime in the future.

However, new reports suggest a different reason for the Queen’s decision. Royal expert Phil Dampier said that the Queen didn’t trust Harry and Meghan at the time because they had recently done an interview with Oprah Winfrey. This made her avoid taking a picture with her great-granddaughter.

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“Even though the Queen wasn’t in the best health, she was still very sharp,” Dampier told The Sun. “She knew that any photo taken of her with Lilibet could be used in the wrong way. She wasn’t happy that the name Lilibet was chosen without her input and firmly said ‘no photographs’.”

Reports say that only Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips’ children attended the party. Prince William, Princess Kate, and their kids did not attend. There was a lot of tension then, and it hasn’t gotten much better.

Prince William and Kate Middleton said they had other commitments on the day of Lilibet’s birthday party, which is why they couldn’t attend. However, royal expert Christopher Andersen told Us Weekly that William and Kate made “no effort” to introduce their children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, to Lilibet during Harry and Meghan’s UK visit.

After William and Kate declined the invite to Lilibet’s 1st birthday picnic at Frogmore Cottage, one of Meghan’s friends was quite annoyed.

Garcelle Beauvais, a star on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, told E! that it was “shady” for William and Kate to skip the party.

“What’s going on is, ‘What a coincidence, we’re out of town; I’m washing my hair.’ There’s a little shade there,” Beauvais told E!.

“They couldn’t delay their flight a few hours to meet Lilibet and Archie?”

Family feuds are never pleasant, and they get even more complicated when children are involved.

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The ongoing “battle of the brothers” and Harry and Meghan’s move to the US means Harry hasn’t seen his nephews and niece for quite some time. According to royal biographer Tom Quinn, Harry is very upset about this.

“Harry is very sad not just because he doesn’t have a relationship with George, Charlotte, and Louis, but also because his own children don’t get to know their cousins,” Quinn told the Mirror.

“Harry and Meghan wish they could fix this. They want the cousins to meet regularly and have a good relationship as they grow up, but they don’t see how to do it while they are estranged. Harry has said he hopes the cousins can at least be friends when they are adults.”

On Tuesday, June 4, 2024, Lilibet celebrated her 3rd birthday. Her first birthday was celebrated in the UK. Her second birthday was a big, celebrity-filled party in California, but this year the celebration was low-key.


According to People Magazine, Lilibet’s birthday celebrations started with a “pre-birthday bash.” Over the weekend, Harry, Meghan, and their children had a party at their home in Montecito. The guests were close friends, family, and some of Lilibet’s friends.

Harry and Meghan prefer to keep their children out of the public eye and rarely share information or photos of Archie and Lilibet. Both kids did appear in their Netflix series released in December 2022, where fans noticed that Archie spoke with an American accent.

Recently, Harry and Meghan went on a three-day trip to Nigeria to promote the Invictus Games. While visiting a school in Abuja, Meghan mentioned that Lilibet’s favorite class was “singing and dancing,” likely because she enjoys all the jumping around.

Meghan also shared a sweet moment about her daughter. She told the students that Lilibet, who is about to turn three, once looked at her and said, “Mama, I see me in you.” Meghan explained that while Lilibet meant it literally, she took it to mean something deeper, seeing herself in her daughter and in everyone around her.

Although Harry and Meghan have kept Archie and Lilibet out of the spotlight so far, that might change in the future.

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Royal expert Tom Quinn says that Harry and Meghan are thinking about bringing their children with them on future trips abroad.

“Meghan knows how good this will look,” Quinn told the Mirror. “A charming royal couple with their charming children will get the kind of publicity Harry and Meghan want, especially since they are aiming to be successful entrepreneurs.”

Quinn also mentioned, “While Harry and Meghan are becoming more prominent, Kate and William seem to be struggling, and Harry and Meghan are aware of this.”

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