Shocking Revelation: Expert Claims Harry Feared Meghan Would Leave Him Over Racism!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married more than six years ago, and since then, they’ve been in the news a lot.

They left their royal duties less than two years after their wedding. Meghan, who started dating Harry in 2016, said that someone in the Royal Family had talked about what color their son Archie’s skin would be. This was a big shock to many people when Meghan and Harry talked about it during their interview with Oprah.

When they first started dating, Prince Harry was worried about the British newspapers being racist towards Meghan. He even thought that Meghan might leave him because of it.

Harry and Meghan had their first date in London in 2016. They started dating seriously after that. They got married in 2018 in a big ceremony at Windsor Castle. At first, people thought they would be an important part of the Royal Family, but things didn’t turn out that way.

At first, Harry and Meghan kept their relationship very private. Even Prince Charles didn’t know they were dating until later.

Life as part of the Royal Family was tough for Harry and Meghan. Even though being royal is usually seen as fancy, Meghan especially had a hard time with the media attention.

When Harry and Meghan started dating, the British newspapers tried to find out everything about Meghan’s life, even things from her past, to make news stories.

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However, Meghan’s situation was different. It’s reported that she faced racist comments, and her husband, Prince Harry, wasn’t happy about it. In November 2016, he released a statement saying that he and Meghan were dating and defended her from the racist comments she was getting.

Kensington communications secretary Kasom Knauf, who worked for Harry, William, and Kate, also spoke up to support Meghan.

“Meghan Markle has been getting a lot of abuse and harassment,” the statement said. “Some of it has been very public — like the bad things said about her in newspapers, the racist undertones in articles, and the sexism and racism on social media.”

Harry also talked about this in his book Spare, where he said it was important to stand up for Meghan.

“I showed the essay to Jason (Knauf, former Kensington Palace Communications Secretary), said we needed a change right away. No more talking, no more discussion. Within a day, we had a draft. It was strong, clear, angry, honest. I didn’t think it would be the end, but maybe the start of something better.”

Harry also said that this statement made King Charles and Prince William really mad.

“My statement made them angry. They scolded me. They were upset because my statement made them look bad,” Harry said.


The Duke said, “Why? Because they never made statements for their girlfriends or wives when they were being harassed. We needed a statement out there — within a day we had a draft. It was strong, clear, angry, honest.”

Today, the official statement was removed from the royal website, but we don’t know why. However, a royal commentator shared new details about the “very angry” letter Harry sent to the press — he was “terrified” that Meghan would leave him.

Royal commentator Angela Levin said on GB News, “On the royal website, they took down the information that in 2016 Harry sent this very, very angry letter to the press. He said they were being racist towards Meghan. That was when they met.”

Levin said she met one of Harry’s aides who warned her to be “very, very careful” because Harry had “just written a letter and he’s terrified that Meghan’s going to leave him.”

“That’s what the issue was; he was terrified that Meghan was going to leave him. It was love at first sight from his point of view. Now that the letter is gone, he’s very upset because he felt it should be against the press.”

“But they’ve moved forward, and they don’t want to have this distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan,” Levin added.

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In 2020, Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal life behind. They left the UK with their son Archie and Meghan’s mom on a private jet, calling it the “freedom flight.”

They talked about their experiences in a famous interview with Oprah Winfrey. Also, Harry wrote a book called Spare and they have a Netflix show. These things revealed a lot about how they felt about being royals. The Royal Family was mad about what they said. Prince William isn’t talking to Harry right now.

Harry and Meghan have made a lot of money from their business stuff. A royal expert named Ingrid Seward said Harry’s doing well money-wise. But she thinks he’s not doing well personally.

“As a husband and father, he’s doing great. When he and Meghan celebrate their six-year anniversary, they’ll feel proud,” Seward told The Sun in May.

“Some people thought they wouldn’t last, but they did! Harry isn’t as loved in the UK as he used to be. People feel sorry for him now. But I don’t think Harry sees it that way. He’s happy with Meghan, and that’s what matters. I think they’ll be happy together for a long time.”

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Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam shared his thoughts on Harry and Meghan’s marriage, saying they seem like a good match. However, he noted that they often surprise people with their actions, which not everyone likes.

“They seem well-suited now, but whether you see that as good depends on your opinion of them. They have fans. Meghan has started her own project called American Riviera Orchard, and she’s working on a show for Netflix. Harry is busy with his polo series. Their recent trip to Nigeria, though unofficial, was similar to a royal visit and went well. But what they do in the future is uncertain,” he explained.

Harry and Meghan visited Nigeria for three days in May. Although they’re not royals anymore, their reception was similar to a royal event. They might go on similar trips in the future with their kids, Archie and Lilibet.

Before their Nigeria visit, some people criticized them for acting like royals. They were also accused of hurting the Royal Family’s relationship with the Commonwealth.

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Royal expert Tom Bower thinks Harry and Meghan are using their royal status for their benefit. Author Phil Dampier found their Nigeria visit ironic since they previously criticized the Commonwealth.

So, what’s the point of these “semi-royal” visits?

Historian Gareth Russell, speaking on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive, said Harry and Meghan are creating a new kind of royal family.

“They’re basically setting up their own royal family. But people will watch them more closely now, especially in their commercial activities or tours,” Russell explained.

“Maybe they’re trying to change their image after facing criticism. They might want to be seen as royals in exile,” he added.

Russell wondered if they’re getting advice to stop criticizing the royal family. Even though they’re not very popular in America right now, that could change.

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