Shocking Debate Erupts Over Mother of the Bride’s Dress – What’s the Controversy About?

One mother at her daughter’s wedding is causing a stir with her choice of dress.

Chloe LeBlanc, who creates wedding content, praised it as “the most stunning MOB dress we’ve ever seen!!!!” But not everyone agreed. Some thought the dress was too flashy and took attention away from the bride.

In a video on Instagram, Lori DeWitt, 53, from Louisiana, is seen walking down the aisle in a green floral dress by Audrey + Brooks. The dress has a deep neckline, a big bow that can be removed, and a train.

Her daughter, Amanda DeWitt Leblanc, 26, wore a Romona Keveza gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Despite Amanda loving her mom’s dress – “My mom looked absolutely stunning” – people online debated fiercely about whether Lori’s dress was appropriate for a wedding.

“It’s not the Mother’s Day????”

“She’s trying to upstage her daughter”

“It’s not about the MOB!”

“Why does MOB want to be the centre of attention???”

“Ridiculously low cut. Beautiful fabric, trashy dress cut for a wedding period”

“This mom is looking for all the attention, very sad.”

“We didn’t realize my dress was going to spark a debate, but we’re laughing about it,” Lori told TODAY. “I’m the last person you’d expect to go viral. I don’t even post photos!”

Despite the negative feedback, there were also plenty of people who fell in love with Lori’s dress.

“If my mother ISNT dressed like this we’ll have a problem. My mom and MIL both will look beautiful on my wedding day👏”

“I love this so much! I want my Mom to feel SO beautiful on my wedding day, y’all are cray.”

“Mom looks incredible! My mom SHOULD stand out at my wedding! I would prefer if she wore one that’s more than the typical MOB dress – this is stunning.”

“If my mom doesn’t do this she has to go home. I would be pissed if she did anything less!!!”

TikTok / capturedbychloeco

After her dress at her first daughter’s wedding got a lot of attention, Lori joked that she might wear a plain “MOB” burlap sack to her next daughter’s wedding.

What do you think of Lori’s dress? Do you think she was trying to grab more attention than the bride, or was it just right for her daughter’s wedding?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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