“Millionaire Matchmaker Predicts Heartbreaking Future for J.Lo Amid Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck might be heading for a breakup, and it could have serious effects on Jennifer.

Patti Stanger, known as the Millionaire Matchmaker, thinks J-Lo will be very sad and might start looking for love in the wrong places if her relationship with Affleck ends. Stanger, 63, is the CEO of Millionaire’s Club International and became famous through a reality TV show on Bravo in 2008, where she helped people find love.

Given her experience, Stanger feels she can comment on the troubles between Affleck and Lopez, who seem to be nearing the end of their marriage.

Recently, there have been many rumors about the couple growing apart. Affleck has reportedly moved out of their $60 million home and has been seen several times without his wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Lopez canceled her North American tour to stay close to her family. To add to the speculation, reports last week said that they have put their Beverly Hills home up for sale just a year after buying it.

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 30: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen out and about on March 30, 2024 in New York, New York. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

It’s clear to many that things aren’t going well for ‘Bennifer’. If Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up, Patti Stanger, from Millionaire Matchmaker, thinks Jennifer will be very unhappy.

Talking to the Daily Mail, she said, “It’s easier for guys to find someone new, so JLo might feel really sad trying to date someone else. There aren’t enough good men for women.”

Stanger also said men’s egos make things harder. She explained, “[Men] are spoiled, they think highly of themselves, and they age better.”

Last week, there were reports that close friends of Ben Affleck are worried he might be drinking again. They say the famous actor is feeling very sad because his marriage with Jennifer Lopez might be in trouble.

According to the Daily Mail, a friend of Affleck’s said he is struggling a lot emotionally. Other sources close to the 51-year-old think he might start drinking heavily again, or that he already has.

“I hear that he is drinking. He is dealing with a lot of problems – he’s really troubled,” one friend told the Daily Mail. Another friend said, “I’ve seen him looking like he’s not all there, and it worries everyone who cares about him.”

Affleck and Lopez got married secretly in Las Vegas in 2022, after their first attempt at being together failed almost 20 years ago. They were a very famous couple in the early 2000s but broke off their engagement and moved on to other relationships.

Fans were hopeful of a fairytale ending when Affleck and Lopez reunited, but if the current speculation proves true, their union will find itself amongst the plethora of Hollywood romances that have ended in tumult.

What do you think the future holds for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Let us know in the comments.

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