Meet the Straight Married Man Breaking Fashion Norms – Heels and Skirts Every Day!

Meet Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old German engineer who loves wearing high heels! He’s showing the world that anyone can wear whatever they like, even if some shoes are typically seen as for women.

Believe it or not, high heels were actually first worn by men way back in the 10th century! They were used to look taller and more fashionable. Mark is one of many men today who are bringing back this trend and saying that high heels can be for everyone, not just women.

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Mark Bryan might surprise you! This 61-year-old dad works as a robotics engineer, keeping busy with his three kids and his job. But there’s another side to him. Mark has become a bit of an internet star lately, all thanks to his unique fashion sense!

Mark has become an internet star with nearly 660,000 followers on Instagram! He’s known for his unique style, which often includes shoes like pumps and boots, and skirts too. What makes him even more interesting is that he posts about his outfits to show that there’s nothing strange about how he chooses to dress.

Mark, the engineer we mentioned, thinks clothes shouldn’t be limited to just boys or girls. He likes wearing skirts because they let him mix things up. He can wear a skirt with a shirt that’s more typically seen as “manly,” creating his own unique style. He also thinks skirts offer more choices than the usual pants or slacks most men wear to work.

Mark’s whole family is on board with his unique style! He raised his kids to know that clothes don’t define who you are or who you like. His daughter even wants to borrow some of his cool outfits someday! Mark’s wife is a big fan too, and they even pick out clothes together.

Not everyone is as understanding, of course.

Mark has experienced a variety of negative comments online and in person, and he must often remind others that they would not be making these comments or asking these questions if he were wearing more traditional pants.

Do you think you would be able to be in Mark’s shoes?

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