Kirk Cameron Makes Shocking Move from California to Tennessee – Find Out Why He Doesn’t Feel Safe Anymore!

Kirk Cameron, the actor from Growing Pains, is the latest celebrity to leave California. On Wednesday, he announced he’s moving to Tennessee.

Kirk said he decided to leave California because he has seen the state “moving in a particular direction for a long time” and creating “so much division.”

As a father of six, Kirk chose to move to Tennessee for a couple of reasons. Three of his grown children already live there, and he was looking for a place that offers a “healthy freedom mindset.”

He told the Washington Examiner, “If things get really bad with the economy or other problems, I want to be around people who are focused on God, family, and country. Tennessee is a great place for that.”

Kirk’s move reflects his desire for a community with shared values and a hopeful outlook for the future.

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Kirk Cameron has noticed something surprising since moving to Tennessee: there are a lot of people from California living there, just like him!

He said it’s shocking how many Californians have moved to Tennessee. Kirk joked that when he sees them in the grocery store, he says, “Don’t California our Tennessee.”

Just like his sister, Candace Cameron Bure, many people have left California for safety and a better life. Kirk believes that despite the large number of former Californians, Tennessee’s “good wholesome values and, equally as important, good whiskey” make it a great place to live.

For Kirk, Tennessee’s friendly community and its positive qualities are what make it a better place for him and his family.

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