Jaw-Dropping News: ‘The Five’ Shatters Cable TV Records in 2022!

Fox News once again dominated the ratings, leaving behind competitors MSNBC and CNN. 2022 turned out to be the third-highest-rated year ever in cable news history for total day viewers. Fox News has been the number one cable network for the past seven years, both in primetime and total day viewership.

What makes Fox News stand out is its ability to attract viewers from different political backgrounds. More Democrats, Independents, and Republicans watch Fox News than any other network, according to data from Nielsen/MRI Fusion. Even younger people, aged 25-54, prefer Fox News over other channels.

The CEO of Fox News, Suzanne Scott, is proud of what they achieved in 2022. She says their success comes from their innovative news and opinion shows, which connect with the diverse cable news audience. And it’s not just talk – Fox News grabbed 53% of viewers aged 25-54 during total daytime.

Among Fox News’ successful shows, ‘The Five’ stands out. This show made history by being the first non-primetime cable show to rank number one in viewership for a whole year. Airing at 5 PM ET, ‘The Five’ attracted a huge 3,432,000 viewers in 2022, beating all other daytime and primetime programs on CNN and MSNBC. It also had 465,000 viewers in the A25-54 demographic.

What makes ‘The Five’ special is its unique format and the different hosts who give their insights on the day’s big stories. People are drawn to the interesting discussions and informative content. With its high viewership numbers, ‘The Five’ is a must-watch for cable news fans.

Fox News’ success isn’t surprising. Their commitment to delivering innovative shows on various topics has made them the top cable news network. No matter what side of politics you’re on, you can expect more exciting shows and content from Fox News in the future.

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