Jane Seymour, 72, Stuns Fans by Showing Off Her Twin Sons – See How Handsome They Are!

Jane Seymour is a famous actress known for her grace, talent, and timeless beauty. At 72 years old, she has been a Hollywood star for decades with her amazing performances.

But Jane Seymour is not just a Hollywood icon. She is also an author and a devoted mother.

She has experienced the ups and downs of motherhood, including the special challenge of raising twin sons.

Jane has been married and divorced four times. From her marriage to David Flynn, she has a daughter named Katherine, who is 41, and a son named Sean Flynn, who is 38. She also has twin sons, John Stacy and Kristopher Steven, who are 27, from her marriage to filmmaker James Keach.


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Jane Seymour’s path to becoming a mother wasn’t easy. She told People that she faced many challenges, including two miscarriages from in-vitro fertilization, which almost made her and her then-husband, James Keach, give up on having children. But her third pregnancy at age 44 was successful, and she gave birth to twin sons, John and Kristopher.

The twins were born six weeks early through an emergency C-section because of a condition called pre-eclampsia. This made the pregnancy and birth very risky, and both Jane and the babies came very close to a tragic outcome. In an interview with Loose Women, she said, “I nearly died having them, and the babies nearly died.”

Who would have guessed that these two would grow up to be such amazing, kind, and talented individuals!? 😊 My life changed forever when…


Posted by Jane Seymour on Friday, November 30, 2018



Even though it was a big risk, Jane Seymour has never regretted having her twins. She said, “I’m very glad I had them.” Because the twins were born early, they needed extra care during their first days. Jane shared that both boys had health problems, and Johnny even turned blue twice after they got home from the hospital.

This led to more hospital visits where their breathing, swallowing, and sucking were closely watched. Jane was very dedicated to making sure her twins were healthy.

She made choices to be with her kids as much as possible, often taking them with her while she was working on film sets. As the twins grew up, they became stronger and formed a close bond. Jane said they loved sleeping in the same crib and later shared the same bed.

It’s amazing to think that it’s been 25 years since these boys came into my life, and they’ve grown into such…


Posted by Jane Seymour on Monday, November 30, 2020



Recently, Jane Seymour shared a touching photo of herself with her grown-up twin sons, who are now tall and handsome, much taller than she is. Fans loved the picture and left lots of sweet comments like, “Love this Jane. The boys are so handsome, and you look beautiful.”

Others added, “Two handsome men! And a beautiful mother!” and “Handsome sons!” There were also comments like, “How beautiful you three are!” and “They look just like their dad. Handsome men.”

Jane enjoyed spending time with Kris and Johnny! 🥰

Her journey as a mother to twins, with all its ups and downs, shows the deep strength of a mother’s love. Even now, as her sons have grown up, she continues to celebrate the joys of being a mom and the lasting power of love.

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