Incredible Story: She Survived on One Piece of Bread Daily – You Won’t Believe Her Transformation!

Many people struggle with how they look and their weight for various reasons.

Even though there are movements promoting self-love at any size and more realistic models in ads, eating disorders are still a big problem worldwide.

Annie Windley, from Derbyshire, England, is sharing her story to help others dealing with eating disorders. She’s in recovery after years of being undernourished and wants to inspire others like her.

At her lowest, Annie weighed only about 29 kilograms (63 pounds), which caused serious health issues and put her at risk of a heart attack. She fought her eating disorder for five years and went through many hospital stays and treatments.

Annie found running helped her start to recover. Last October, she even finished the Chesterfield Half Marathon.

In a social media post, she wrote, “Recovery is an incredible journey that should be thrilling, unforgettable, and amazing. Anorexia will always be a part of me, but I’ve learned to manage it and not obsess over food.”

Annie got her diagnosis in 2012 and started recovering in 2014. In October 2017, she decided to fight harder against her eating disorder, saying, “This time, it was just for me.”

“It was a tough battle, filled with tough days and lots of bravery,” she said. “In the past four months, I’ve gained three stone and now weigh the most I have since 2014.”

Her experiences taught her that how we treat ourselves and others matters more than how we look. “These things bring real happiness and are what really count,” she said.

Focusing on respecting others and her love for running saved Annie. Instead of using all her energy to restrict food, she put it into achieving success, which changed how she thought.

“Follow your passion and drive to reach your goals.”

Before, Annie ate very little, mostly just a piece of bread each day. She was so sick and thin that she often felt faint or even collapsed. Now, she’s gaining weight and has a healthier attitude towards her body.

“We need to prove to our disorders that we can overcome them. We don’t want to live with sadness and regret for not doing things because of anorexia.”

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