Shocking Story: Grandfather Dies After Eating ‘Yogurt’ That Wasn’t!

In 2019, there was a memorable moment that many people talked about involving a man named Bobby. He became famous on the internet because his granddaughter, Alex Stein, shared a funny picture of him. Bobby loved yogurt so much that he mistakenly ate paint from a tub, thinking it was yogurt. Alex posted a tweet with a simple caption: “Sooo my grandpa ate half a quart of paint today thinking it was yogurt.” If you need a reminder, here’s the original tweet:

During that time, Bobby was 90 years old. People were worried at first about what might happen after he ate paint, especially because of his age. Surprisingly, the paint didn’t harm his stomach, which made the whole incident something to look back on and smile about. Alex Stein, Bobby’s granddaughter, said he was “unfazed” by the incident right after it happened.

Sadly, we’re talking about Bobby again because he recently passed away. Alex shared this sad news on Instagram on November 3rd. Bobby was 91 years old when he passed away in June.

Alex posted several pictures and videos of Bobby along with a very sad message. She chose November 3rd because it would have been Bobby’s 92nd birthday. Alex said Bobby died peacefully while he was sleeping. She wrote, “Even though we miss him a lot, he lived a long, happy, healthy, and fulfilling life as a doctor, musician, father, and grandfather.”

Besides the paint incident, Alex remembers how much Bobby loved making people laugh. When his story went viral on the internet, it was like the whole world was laughing with him. Alex thanked everyone who supported Bobby over the years and said she knows people will always remember Bobby for eating paint.

The post quickly received many comments expressing love, condolences, and tributes to Bobby, the Internet legend. One person wrote, “RIP Bobby the GOAT. One of my best memories from my teenage years was watching his videos. They always made me laugh and smile.” Another commenter said, “I was just thinking about him too. He really made a lasting impression and was so loved!” Others thanked Bobby for making them laugh and smile, saying things like, “Thank you for all the laughs and smiles, Bobby. You’ll always be remembered, you silly old man who ate paint. Rest in peace.”

@princesspeyto1 🙁 #halloween #halloweencostume #paintgrandpa ♬ Take A Bow – Swanky Lemon

The memory of Bobby, known as the Paint Grandpa for eating paint, came back into focus on TikTok recently. A TikToker named @princesspeyto1 dressed up as Paint Grandpa for Halloween and shared a picture on October 22. She wore the costume to a college party. Sadly, not many people at the party understood the reference.

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